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The activities of the Shree Vittal Bhajan Mandali revolves around “Shree Vittal & Rukmayee”, the presiding deities of Shree Vittal Temple , situated inside Karpaga Vinayagar Temple Complex, Shanthi Nagar 9th Street, Adambakkam, Chennai - 600 088.

The temple was constructed with the active co-operation of “Sthala Bagavathas” and bakthas and consecration was performed as per vaideka prathishta system, by Sri Tukaram Ganapathy Maharaj of Kadayanallur, on 8 th Feb,2004.The foundation of the temple was sprinkled with Chandrabhaga river water and sand brought by bagavathas. The walls of the temple is made out of bricks with “Vittal Nama” written on them, by many bagavathas and bakthas.

The idols of Shri Vittal and Rukmayee installed in the sanctum sanctorum are brought from Pandharpur , blessed by Sri Sri. Krishna Premi Maharaj. A Panchaloka idol of Sadguru Sri Sri Gnanananda Giri Maharaj of Thapovanam was also installed inside the Garbagraham. The Garbhagraha Vimanam is the replica of Pandarpur temple vimanam but miniature in size. Garudalwar sannadhi is located in front of the Moolavar, as per instructions of Sri Sri. Krishnapremi Maharaj. The mandapam in front of the Garbhagraham connecting Garudalwar sannidhi is usedfor regular bhajans and sevarthis for worshipping. The mandapam walls are decorated with sudhais of Santh Tukaram Vaikunta Arohanam, Shree Vittumaja Lenkurwala, Sant Thukaram singing with bakthi and Sant Kabir Das painted beautifully which reminds us the bakthi cult of Maharashtra.

The interior top walls of the mandapam are fixed with Marble slabs inscribed with “Haripat” of Santh Gnaneshwar, a great Maharashtra Santh, who attained Jeeva Samadhi at his tender age, in the presence of Shri Vittal and Rakhmayee. The outer walls of the mandapam houses small shrines for Sri Gnanananda Maharaj, Sri Sri Adhi Sankarar, Santh Meera Bai and Santh Purandara Dasar. The top exterior of the mandapam is provided with nine arch mandapams, wherein marble idols of sadhus, Sarvashri, Pundalikan, Nivrithi, Gnanadev, Shoban, Mukthabai, Eknath, Namdev and Tukaram are installed. The front center arch is housing the marble statue of Shri Pandurangan and Rukmayee. The paintings on the top exterior walls depicts the scenes from the lives of Sadhus, Sarva Shri. Senanavi, Chokmela, Neeloba, Gora Kumbhar, Pundalikan, Savadha Mali, Banu Dasar, Narahari Sonar, Jana Bhai and Rai Das.

One should visit the temple to experience the divine atmosphere.

This beautiful temple was designed and constructed by Sri. K.Balaji Stapathy, Maraimalai Nagar, Phone No. 9840284570. The Temple is managed by the dedicated members of Karpaga Vinayagar Bakhta Mandali.

The temple is about 1 Km. from St. Thomas Mount Railway Station and the nearest Bus stop is Surendra Nagar on Mount-Madipakkam main road. The temple is open between 6am to 10am and 5.30 pm to 9pm .